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Helping businesses introduce consistency, efficiency, effectiveness & control

OneTouch makes processes, that would have otherwise been performed manually, more efficient and by delivering marketing content direct to audiences, OneTouch captures essential data to help provide valuable insights for better audience engagement and marketing effectiveness.

OneTouch is easy to implement, it is simple to use and guarantees a fast return on your investment.

Core benefits

OneTouch allows you to take control of your marketing delivery, enabling self determination of marketing procedures and the suppliers you work with.

OneTouch also reduces administration and management, which enables a greater focus on effective marketing content creation, aggregation and delivery.

All activity is reported and performance measured, to improve process efficiency and better resource management.

Easy implementation

OneTouch is cloud based, so there is no need for complicated IT set up or business disruption, with all planning and implementation managed by us.

  • OneTouch is configured to reflect your way of working, so the only impact is greater efficiency
  • Our service includes the evaluation of processes to ensure they achieve your business objectives
  • We don't charge per user, with one subscription fee for everything, including hosting, support and maintenance
  • Subscription includes full training and user manuals, technical and user Support Helpdesk

Benefits to your business

Businesses see immediate benefit from using OneTouch. Through increased collaboration, teams become more effective, more productive and less burdened with monotonous tasks. OneTouch not only reduces administration but also reduces reliance on email trails.

  • Greater control of budgets
  • No need for additional software
  • Reduces network and server bandwidth
  • Can be accessed through standard browsers
  • Provides the tools to achieve ISO standards

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