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Products & services for transforming businesses & improving communication

The increasing focus on business transformation and continual improvement can only be addressed through a strong and cohesive combination of talent and technology.

Our collaborative products and services combine to help define processes and deliver content consistently, efficiently and with the best results.

Activation Strategy

Delivering the right content doesn't happen by accident, but requires careful consideration. Through a consultation process, we interrogate your current content delivery methods and then determine how best to structure them to better meet business objectives, reach target audiences and achieve desired outcomes.

  • Content delivery strategies
  • Process engineering
  • Technical scoping
  • Workflow implementation
  • Deployment & training

Workflow Automation

No other workflow automation platform is as focused on workflow management for content creation and delivery.

A SaaS product, OneTouch is fully configurable to individual customer demands and processes, with a selection of features and delivery modules, personalisation, measurement and reporting.

Designed with content at its heart, OneTouch brings order to organisational chaos, delivering the right content, to the right place, at the right time.

Web Services

From fan engagement portals to personalised sites, Touch’s web services incorporate strong communication planning, dynamic creativity and leading edge technology to deliver engaging and effective online experiences.

Enterprise technology solutions provide comprehensive business tools for content management and delivery, data and asset management, the delivery of mobile, social and email campaigns across multiple channels and to multiple audiences.

  • Website design & build
  • Multiple technologies
  • UX
  • Hosting & support

Brand Purpose

Every brand has a purpose, a set of values and objectives by which it performs and is defined. This ‘Brand Purpose’ - a competitive positioning and reason for being - is only of value if it’s clearly and effectively communicated and understood.

Touch has established a strategic partnership with leading brand consultancy, Earth, to help transform businesses by ensuring that not only is the right Brand Purpose determined, but that it’s then delivered consistently to the right audiences.

  • Brand audits
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand implementation

Direct to Print Workflow

OneTouch has partnered with workplace technology specialists Karlson UK to create a seamless workflow automation platform for print that workflows all documents and marketing content to either internal or external print devices.

We can now manage your entire printing overhead, from initial benchmarking to installation and maintenance.

Our OneTouch Managed Print Solution (MPS) typically saves 40% against current spend and incorporates all OneTouch set-up and subscription within the contracted fee structure, replacing up-front costs with a ‘Pay as you Go’ model.

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